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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture

professional acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese health care system which is now widely accepted as safe, effective drug free treatment for good health and pain management.

Essentially, as an acupuncturist I treat you, you as all you are, including a wide range of common health problems. Your specific complaint will be addressed, as well your over-all health and well-being.

Pain management without drugs is achieved by improving muscle elasticity (treating spasm) by improving blood circulation, and promoting systemic and local anti-inflammatory effects. Research has shown that Acupuncture modifies the pain pathways of both the spinal chord and the brain, and increases the body's natural painkillers.

There is also now evidence that Acupuncture can affect most of the body systems, including circulation, hormone output, the nervous system, as well as the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems.

Conditions treated include:


  • Back Pain

  • Digestive problems including IBS

  • Headaches and Migraine.

  • Menopausal complaints

  • Menstrual Pain

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Pregnancy

  • Serious life-limiting and chronic diseases, including M.S., and some cancers

  • Tennis elbow, Arthritic joints

  • And many more…


My acupuncture treatments with Sarah are making such a positive difference to my physical health and emotional well-being. I feel much more balanced and on an even keel. And the regular blood tests I have, as part of my ongoing aftercare for a chronic condition, demonstrate that I am making forward progress in my recovery. Sarah is an excellent practitioner, professional, thoughtful and warm. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Stress and Anxiety can affect most of us to a greater or lesser degree. Acupuncture promotes deep relaxation, relieving some of the following symptoms:

   *  Anxiety and Depression

   *  Panic attacks

   *  Insomnia

For a detailed and extensive list of conditions treated with acupuncture, please refer to the British Acupuncture Council.


During the Acupuncture treatment I will use very fine needles on a small selection of specific points on the body. You will usually feel a sensation on insertion, but not pain, this quickly disappears. Some needles are left in for 10-20 mins, others are removed immediately.


I also include the use of Moxibustion, Cupping and Tuina, if appropriate, to the acupuncture treatments.

I practice Acupuncture in Lewes, Uckfield, Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne and surrounding areas. 



Consultation & Treatment

1 Hour & 30 Minutes

This will be an in depth discussion about your reason/s for seeking treatment, which will include a thorough health questionnaire and treatment plan, followed by the acupuncture treatment itself.


Follow-up Treatment

1 Hour

This follow-up appointment will be an acupuncture treatment, after your consultation.

This may include other speciality treatments such as Moxibustion, Cupping, GuaSha and Tuina- a form of Chinese massage.

I may also draw on my Shiatsu practice and recommend breathing or gentle Yogic movements.


4-Treatment Bundle

SAVE £20!

These 'Bundles' of treatments are designed to provide the best opportunity to optimise your care, with a financial discount.

* All treatments will draw on all of Sarah's skill set when necessary.

* Begins after the Initial Consultation

To begin, treatments are ideally once a week. Regular treatments delivered at close intervals can be key to sustaining and increasing positive outcomes, gradually becoming less frequent.

Plans Pricing
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I was struggling to get up the stairs, my knees felt broken. I was expecting to go for surgery, even though I am 24! With a background of lots of football injuries, and pain, Sarah popped in lots of needles and burnt Moxa, which has done the trick! They are good as new, ready for boxing!


I decided to explore Shiatsu and Acupuncture following a particularly difficult time in my life and am very grateful to have found Sarah. Her kind, gentle, considered approach helped me to overcome my initial concerns over needles and whilst I am unsure how she works her magic, have definitely felt benefits and now consider Acupuncture an integral part of my wellbeing.


After two years of severe back and hip pain which nobody seemed to be able to cure, I met Sarah, one of the best encounters I have made. After one visit for Acupuncture I struggled to remember the pain and after a second visit I was walking on air. Not only has my pain disappeared, my sleep has improved as has my appetite, my general wellbeing, a very positive attitude to work and life which had been subdued for a long time, returned. I recommend Sarah very highly, not just for her Acupuncture treatment, but for her very thorough and thoughtful perusal of my lifestyle, a discussion which enabled me to talk to her with honesty. 


I appreciate Sarah’s broad skillset and extensive experience which means she considers issues from multiple approaches. She has helped me with a variety of concerns from injury to boosting my immune system. She is easy to talk to and I enjoy her calm manner.


I’ve been seeing Sarah for a little while now for my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and she has really helped me cope with joint and ligament pain. Sarah is the only person who’s managed to give me some relief from my jaw pain from Trigeminal neuralgia. Thank you!


When I first approached Sarah for acupuncture, I felt fatigued, I was struggling to sleep and my hormones were imbalanced such that I was experiencing monthly migraines.


After just three sessions my sleep improved, I was far more relaxed and felt better balanced. It was lovely to be listened to and to feel cared for and the overall result was hugely beneficial. I highly recommend it.

I attended Sarah’s workshop on Yoga for Back-care. Sarah’s gentle approach gave me time to respond to what I was feeling in my body. I love it when I learn something that I can take into my daily practice and Sarah’s workshop was filled with tools that I have used regularly since. Sarah has the same approach in her classes. She gives you time to experience each pose. Her adjustments are gentle and supportive and you feel truly grounded and relaxed by the end.


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